New Battery Charger Standards Mean Energy, Cost Savings in California

Yesterday, the California Energy Commission adopted new standards for battery charger systems that are expected to save Californians millions of dollars in annual electricity costs and enough power to keep the lights on in 350,000 homes. This is an important step in the right direction to ensure the growing number of mobile devices and cordless appliances are energy efficient.

Ecova provided California’s investor-owned utilities with the technical research that enabled the standard’s development. On behalf of the IOUs, Ecova completed the test procedure, wrote the Codes & Standards Enhancement (CASE) report, and advocated for the IOU position through years of interactions with the CEC and other stakeholders. We are proud of this work, and applaud California for their continued leadership in energy efficiency. While the benefit to Californians is great in cost savings, we hope this will also serve as a blueprint for other states and nations.

You can read more about this news in Forbes and The San Jose Mercury News.

Posted by Suzanne Foster Porter - Sr. Manager, Research and Policy at Ecova; at 14:18

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