Ecova’s employees are conscientious, passionate people who are driven to have a strong, positive impact not only on the clients we serve but on the world around us. With Ecova Impact, our corporate responsibility program, we work to improve Ecova’s environmental impact, increase community involvement, and make sure we’re “walking our talk” when it comes to Ecova’s mission and values.

About Ecova Impact

We know that corporate responsibility is not only the right thing to do, but it makes good business sense too. The goal of the Ecova Impact program is to foster the health and longevity of our people, our stakeholders, our communities and our environment by promoting best-in-class sustainable business practices and embedding them in our company culture. Ecova Impact puts us through our own rigorous paces – to ensure we’re “walking our talk,” and learning from our own experience so that we can continually improve our client products and services.

Environmental responsibility

To be an environmentally responsible company, Ecova is committed to measuring, managing and reducing wherever possible the amount of energy, water, and materials we use as well as the associated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions linked to running our business.

To inform this process, we’ve completed comprehensive GHG inventories for the last three years. We’ve also completed energy, water and waste audits for our largest offices to understand where the best opportunities for reduction are. And from these audits and using our internal experts, we’ve identified corporate reduction goals, and we have a plan for capital improvement and staff engagement to get us to these goals.

We’re working on implementing submetering systems at our major offices (our offices are located in leased facilities, so data collection is complex), as well as “best practice” capital efficiency projects that reduce our waste to landfill, and energy and water consumption. We also know that engaging employees is a key piece of the resource management puzzle, so we’ve also developed a communications and employee engagement program, and an interactive intranet site for all employees to use.

Social responsibility

To be a socially responsible company, Ecova will continue to look at the influence we have on our communities and increase the positive impact we have on those around us.

Our employees are passionate about where they live and work, and believe in giving to back to ensure our Ecova communities continue to thrive. To put our money where our mouth is, we introduced a Community Service Day benefit in 2012, which gives every Ecova employee a paid day every year to volunteer at a non-profit organization or educational institution of their choice. Last year, we had an incredible 76 percent participation- our employees volunteered 8,600 hours for over 250 organizations across the country. That’s equal to 4.1 full-time employees volunteering throughout the year.

We continue to explore the influence we have on employees and the communities in which we work and identify opportunities for building stronger and healthier networks.

Ecova Impact team

We have over 80 employees across the company that are directly involved with the Ecova Impact program. They’re from various offices, departments, and levels of management, and have work time specifically allotted to work on this program. The team is led by the Manager of Corporate Responsibility, a full-time position tasked with managing all sustainability-related efforts for the company.

  • Corporate Responsibility Advisory Board: Ten Senior Leaders, tasked with working with the Manager of Corporate Responsibility to define the vision and long-term strategy, and to ensure our internal program is directly linked to Ecova’s business strategy.
  • Ecova Impact Leadership Team: A group of nearly 20 employees who implement corporate initiatives and lead local office teams.
  • Impact Teams: 60 employees who sit on local “Impact teams,” including a team for our Small Office and Remote employees; they focus on developing competitions, educational activities and volunteer opportunities for local employees to get involved.  
To create a sound foundation for the program, we’ve created mission and vision statements and have outlined goals for the upcoming year. We report our progress regularly to employees, and plan to publicly report our progress on an annual basis.