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Corporate responsibility at Ecova is more than something we check off at the end of the year – it’s the integral building block of our business model.

As a provider of total energy and sustainability management, we readily embrace our own solutions to save resources and demonstrate our commitment to our underlying principles: to see more, save more and sustain more.

Our Approach

Corporate responsibility is not only our duty as good corporate citizens, it is vital to our business. That’s because healthy employees, clients, communities and environments each make the other—and the company at its core—stronger.



4 Areas of Responsibility


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Ecova’s strength is
our people who make
us a dynamic and innovative company
at the forefront of our industry. Employees champion Ecova’s Corporate Respons-
ibility to make 
positive impacts— 
recognizing that
every employee
can leave their
individual imprint.

Our core mission is
to provide our clients
with the tools and expertise that will
lead them on the
journey to energy 
efficient and sustainable goals,
enabling better
use of their internal
company resources.
It is our job to
guide them in
improving their

Ecova is committed to having positive
and meaningful
impacts within the communities we
serve. We share a
core belief that
healthy communities support healthy
employees and
companies. It is our 
responsibility to form strong
communities and to
provide shared value 
wherever possible.

It is our respons-
ibility to do our part
in a resource-
constrained world.
We take steps to
track and reduce 
our own environ-
mental impacts
wherever possible
by putting in place
the right systems
to achieve
better results.



Employee Involvement

Ecova Impact Team

The Ecova Impact Team supports Ecova's overall corporate responsibility strategy and fosters the health and longevity of our employees, our clients, our communities and our environment by embedding best-in-class sustainable business practices in how we do business, and engaging all employees in being part of our journey.

  • Corporate Responsibility Advisory Board: These ten Senior Leaders work with the Manager of Corporate Responsibility to define the vision and long-term strategy, and to ensure our internal program is directly linked to Ecova’s business strategy.
  • Ecova Impact Leadership Team: Impact Team Leads, a group of nearly 20 employees from various locations, departments and management levels, implement corporate initiatives and lead local office teams.
  • Impact Teams: 60 employees sit on local “Impact Teams,” which focus on customizing engagement activities to match local interests and needs. Teams develop competitions, educational activities and volunteer opportunities for employees to get involved.