While a business or enterprise knows how much money is being spent on energy, water, waste and telecom across the entire business, what sometimes lacks visibility are the specific usage trends that drive those costs. Researching the trends and prioritizing where to implement change is a big and often under-resourced job, frequently resulting in businesses overpaying for inefficiently deployed resources. Ecova is your partner in locating and ending these inefficiencies. We'll put our commercial energy solutions—based on consumption, cost and carbon inventory data from hundreds of thousands of companies just like yours—to work for your business, enabling you to see more, save more, and sustain more.

Expense & Data Management

Gain control and simplify how you manage dozens of expense types across thousands of locations and hundreds of vendors.

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Energy Supply Management

Make better, more informed energy cost control decisions that give you a commercial energy saving advantage.

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Facility Optimization

Improve utility and operational efficiencies by combining comprehensive cost and consumption data with industry benchmarks and expert independent advice.

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Telecom Lifecycle Management

Manage the nine essential elements of your telecom environment to reduce overall costs and gain superior network capability.

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Make measurable progress toward your sustainability goals, quickly and easily, by seeing more opportunities for improvement and saving more resources.

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Total Waste Solutions

Gain cost savings, improved environmental impact, and total transparency through comprehensive waste management.

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