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Managing energy spend in multiple deregulated markets relies heavily on understanding your corporate risk tolerance and balancing needs for budget certainty and cost reduction in the face of volatile energy markets. Keeping up with fast-moving markets requires close energy market analysis to capture opportunities and minimize risks. Leverage Ecova’s industry knowledge, regulatory market intelligence, wholesale pricing feeds, and retail price intelligence from evaluating more than 1,000 bids per month, to gain the insight you need to operate well in changing markets.

Ecova’s Market Intelligence and Analytics services give you the right level of actionable detail to proactively and cost-effectively manage the timing and term of your energy sourcing decisions, resulting in reduced budget volatility, better cost saving opportunities, and a more disciplined approach to energy supply management.

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Our Market Intelligence & Analytics solution
will help your company:

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Gain a broad understanding of market trends and risks associated with energy supply management - and create risk profiles that accurately represent your business' risk tolerance.

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Understand the complete picture of risk versus reward, so you can make informed choices on energy strategies that can result in millions of dollars of annualized savings.

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Build a lasting advantage for your business by understanding your risk profile and creating a playbook that helps guide future purchasing decisions.