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Regulated Rate Analysis

The Ecova Regulated Rate Analysis solution evaluates and recommends rate alternatives on a site-by-site basis by comparing actual utilization against proprietary energy models. The result? The best choices in regulated rate plans so you can reduce costs on an ongoing basis.

To identify opportunities for improvement, Ecova runs simulations against the continually updated, proprietary Ecova National Rate Library. Then, we target and compare energy rate options for every account under management, yielding savings from alternative rate programs, tariff discounts, and utility incentives. Detailed reports, guidance, and personalized assistance help ensure you are optimizing your regulated energy spending.

Using the Ecova Regulated Rate Analysis solution, our existing customers with a national multi-site footprint have experienced an average savings of .5 percent of their annual energy spending and a return on investment (ROI) of nearly 300 percent in the first year alone.

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Our Regulated Rate Analysis solution
will help your company:

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Gain a new perspective across your enterprise to ensure you are considering the best rates and opportunities.

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Identify opportunities for cost savings and ensure that those savings are maximized on an ongoing basis.

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As tariffs change and building operating conditions change, rest assured you're on the most cost-optimized rate, getting the best value for capital dollars spent.