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With the Ecova Energy Procurement solution, you can maximize your opportunities in deregulated energy markets. Ecova brings a large vetted national supplier base along with a comprehensive back office contract workflow management engine to ensure fast, accurate RFP to contract execution with best available pricing and products.

If your energy procurement requirement involves high transparency and real-time online viewing for price discovery, our dedicated reverse-auction team can complement your comprehensive strategy through a web-based auction platform.

When offsetting of carbon emissions through purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates or implementation of an effective demand response program is a requirement in your overall strategy, Ecova can bring those solutions to help meet your goals and provide a sustainable environmental benefit.

Ecova continually monitors and evaluates your energy procurement strategy in light of continuous market change. Our dedicated consultants assist you in preparing, negotiating, and selecting the key supplier contracts to optimize costs and align with your risk profile. Leveraging our proprietary analytical tools, extensive market knowledge and variable price discovery strategies, you can time purchasing decisions and negotiate terms for maximum advantage. Our online dashboard gives you on-demand information about energy costs, market intelligence and contract status to help you make better, more informed decisions on a daily basis.

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Our Energy Procurement solution
will help your company:

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Implement a comprehensive strategy to improve energy purchasing based on company risk profiles and ongoing market opportunities.

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Reduce energy expenses and increase the return on your capital investments by purchasing the right products at the right time and at the right terms.

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Build a sustainable program that can reduce environmental impact and improve long-term viability by managing your energy supply more effectively.