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No person or team can be everywhere or see everything at once—that’s why multi-site businesses rely on monitoring services for critical systems. But do you have the time or resources to identify and manage critical building issues before they become larger, more expensive problems? Ecova’s Continuous Monitoring & Management service helps clients manage energy consumption and maintenance activities for optimal system performance, ensuring that critical business systems—such as HVAC, lighting, controls and refrigeration systems—function properly while maintaining a comfortable environment.

Ecova leverages the best people, process and technology to deliver a comprehensive, world class approach to facility, maintenance and energy management. By collecting and mining vast quantities of system and building data—integrated with utility bill data—we identify energy, asset and system faults before they escalate into larger financial, operational or comfort problems.

Ecova’s 24/7/365 Operations Control Center (OCC) is staffed with building specialists trained in HVAC, Lighting, Refrigeration and Energy Management Systems (EMS). We have the expertise to remotely verify and resolve building issues and manage technician dispatch for critical on-site visits. Alarm management is coupled with an early asset degradation process that identifies impending issues at a site before the location manager even knows there is a problem. Our solution improves asset health, reduces energy consumption and ensures maintenance spend is prioritized.

Ecova’s Continuous Monitoring & Management, drives insight into asset performance, reduces energy and maintenance expenses and prevents product loss. Clients gain real-time visibility and ownership of their facilities’ end to end alarm and vendor management process, all documented and standardized for reporting compliance.

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Gain real time visibility into the performance of facilities in granular detail - all the way down to the individual components in a system.

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Lower your energy expenses and maximize your labor and capital expenditures through focused and proactive management of buildings across your enterprise.

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Build lasting advantages for your business by the long term reduction of energy consumption and carbon impact while extending system life.