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By collecting and mining vast quantities of system and building data, as well as utility expense data, our Continuous Monitoring and Management services identify energy, machine and system faults before they escalate into larger financial, operational or comfort problems. Whether you have the ability to capture meter data at the site level, or telemetry data at the equipment level, Ecova has the solution to provide the best level of insight for your business.

Continuous Monitoring helps customers manage resource consumption and maintain optimal equipment performance by alerting you or an Ecova energy manager when resource consumption exceeds your threshold, and by ensuring that critical building systems, such as HVAC, lighting and building controls, function properly. By monitoring equipment performance at our Operations Control Center (OCC) 24/7/365, we can respond to system alarms and inbound service requests. Using sophisticated diagnostic tools, we can determine the source of most problems, and in many cases, correct issues remotely. If problems cannot be resolved remotely, Ecova alerts the customer’s facilities organization or dispatches a third-party service provider.

Ecova’s internal systems can create and track work orders from creation to closure, providing a detailed history of the equipment issues, alarms and service requests OCC technicians respond to each day. Ecova monitors, processes and manages over 1.5 million EMS client alarms and alerts each year.

Learn about Ecova's new Data Insight on-Demand offering that combines technology and service to optimize data insights.

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Gain real time visibility into the performance of facilities in granular detail - all the way down to the individual components in a system.

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Lower your energy expenses and maximize your labor and capital expenditures through focused and proactive management of buildings across your enterprise.

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Build lasting advantages for your business by the long term reduction of energy consumption and carbon impact while extending system life.