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Engineering Services are a key initial step in determining and correcting excessive energy use across your portfolio. Using a statistical sampling method that identifies site types, Ecova engineers or facility professionals perform representative site audits, and analyze actual consumption and spend information. Ecova then identifies opportunities to improve efficiencies and reduce costs portfolio-wide, without needing to spend the expense and time auditing each individual site. These results will uncover the real how and why resource use is driving utility bill data and costs.

Building on the preliminary findings from the benchmarking process, the Engineering Services process uses data and onsite findings to provide support for design and deployment of building control systems to meet your energy strategy.  

The commissioning process includes point-to-point checkout of EMS devices and sensors, and a verification of commanded value to expected response. The final setup provides for integration of new or existing EMS into the 24/7 monitoring center (OCC) to enable continuous monitoring, alarm management, remote diagnostics and ROI verification.

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Gain visibility into consumption analysis of energy across all facilities to improve the ability to identify and act on portfolio-wide opportunities.

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Lower expenses across your facility portfolio by identifying high-return opportunities to upgrade equipment, improve processes, and change employee behavior.

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Maximize your savings and overall environmental impact by identifying and improving the efficiency of equipment, processes, and operating practices throughout your portfolio.