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Ecova’s Energy Intelligence and Benchmarking services are foundational energy information tools that enable companies to make decisions about where and how to save energy costs. Using data-based applications, we quickly and affordably reveal poor energy performers and the savings opportunities across all facilities in your portfolio. We expose energy problems you may not realize you have by identifying a baseline and identifying outliers, affording you the opportunity to take the first step toward informed business decisions that will improve your bottom line.

Data reveals resource-saving opportunities across your portfolio and supports development of a plan to capture these savings. Data collection of interval frequencies in as little as 15 minutes ensures near real-time visibility into performance:

  • Reveal poor energy and water performers and savings opportunities across all your facilities
  • Establish a baseline and identify outliers to expose energy problems
  • Present you with the opportunity to take the first step toward informed business decisions to improve your bottom line
  • Reveal opportunities for load shifting and reduction

A combination of Resource Benchmarking Reports and Outlier Investigation activities across your entire portfolio identifies specific areas that are performing above or below the norm. We help you uncover why and recommend actions to improve energy consumption, and then we monitor results to reduce consumption and realize a strong return on your investments. Watch a short video to learn more about Ecova's Resource Benchmarking Report.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ENERGY STAR® program provides a way for you to compare individual buildings within your own portfolio as well as relative to similar buildings nationwide.

Ecova can support you in this process through an electronic data feed, which transfers your portfolio data to ENERGY STAR’S Portfolio Manager, eliminating the manual data load process and protecting data integrity.

Ecova benchmarks over 55,000 buildings in ENERGY STAR’S Portfolio Manager each month, more than any other service provider.

Once you have your site data benchmarked through ENERGY STAR, our team of engineers can support onsite verification of your building’s consumption information to aid in the ENERGY STAR labeling process.

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Gain broad visibility into the overall energy performance of facilities across your entire portfolio, so you can prioritize and act on opportunities for improvement.

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Reduce expenses across your portfolio by identifying outliers and exceptions and then implementing data-backed repair actions and improvement programs.

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Ensure continual progress toward both energy reduction goals and corporate sustainability goals with performance reporting, which allows you to see and maintain persistent savings.