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Are you getting the most out of managing your carbon? Companies approach carbon management from a variety of perspectives, depending on the different drivers that impact their business. For example, some companies realize the benefit of carbon savings as a by-proxy of prioritizing energy reductions to manage costs. Others may directly seek to reduce their carbon emissions to improve brand relevance or answer investor expectations. Still, others aim to reduce regulatory or physical risks. No matter the initial driver, companies can achieve all of these benefits by effectively managing their carbon emissions.

Deploying both advanced carbon accounting software and expert advisory support, Ecova’s Carbon Management Solutions will help your business maximize opportunity and reduce business risk by identifying, reducing, and reporting your total global GHG emissions.

Starting with inventory boundary definition and data acquisition planning, our carbon experts will help you efficiently gather dispersed datasets, perform accurate and transparent GHG calculations, and organize your results to meet the diverse reporting needs of internal and external stakeholders. In addition, Ecova’s Carbon Manager module houses powerful business analytic tools for forecasting, scenario modeling, and project tracking. These tools are necessary to help your organization make the best possible investment decisions regarding how to mitigate current and future carbon cost and risk.

CDP Accredited Provider 2016

With more than 50 carbon accounting clients, and direct access to much of our clients’ primary data, Ecova has data management expertise and a breadth of experience unrivaled in the industry. As an accredited CDP software partner, Ecova is your partner of choice for all your carbon management needs.

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Our Carbon Management solution will
help your company:

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Gain complete and granular visibility into your business’ carbon emissions with a focus on efficient data acquisition, accurate calculations, verification documentation, and customizable reporting options.

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Reduce current and future carbon cost risk by utilizing advanced forecasting, scenario modeling, and project tracking tools that power improved business investment decisions.

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Actively manage and report your carbon emissions to build lasting brand equity, enhance your company's reputation, and create lasting benefits for people and the environment.