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Sustainability doesn’t have to be complicated. Working with Ecova, you can build a culture of engaged resource and sustainability management champions focused on program execution that is effective for the long term.

Ecova has the conceptual frameworks and on-the-ground perspective to help your organization make tangible changes on your path to improved resource and sustainability management performance. The Ecova Strategy and Engagement solution enables you to measure your sustainability baseline, define your long-term goals, develop a strategic and implementable action plan, and deeply engage your employees for guaranteed program execution success.

Based on our strategic planning work with over 100 clients since 2007, Ecova has distilled five important keystones that are critical to driving real benefits and achieving desired efficiencies. We use this Five Keystone approach of Data, People, Infrastructure, Marketing/Reporting and Continual Improvement to enable our clients to identify the most valuable priorities for their sustainability programs.

To ensure full buy-in and enthusiastic support from employees, Ecova places as much emphasis on employee engagement as we do on bricks-and-mortar infrastructure investments. Ecova is an expert in multi-platform employee education and engagement work, presenting content from a variety of perspectives and through diverse media to reach and effectively engage the widest variety of employees.

Armed with a smartly defined plan-of-record based on long-term goals, a series of practical steps toward implementation, comprehensive engagement tactics, and KPI measurements, Ecova helps you measure your progress toward your sustainability goals and achieve success.

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Gain visibility into your initiatives’ performance, while simultaneously assessing your organization’s readiness to change, to see a clear path to your desired energy, resource, and sustainability transformation goals.

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Reduce total energy and resource expenses by ingraining a culture of energy and sustainability champions throughout all layers of your business.

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Build a long-term advantage for your business and the environment by executing sustainability programs that are strategic, effective, and built to drive lasting results.