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The Ecova Waste Management solution helps you implement a comprehensive waste stream management program. Partnering with Ecova, you can efficiently select the best, most cost-effective waste haulers for your portfolio while streamlining bill payments, service optimization, and Zero Waste programs.

As an independent third party working on your behalf, Ecova helps you negotiate the optimum terms for master service agreements with waste haulers, obtain the lowest rates available, and ensure compliance with negotiated rates. Our team's extensive experience with waste hauling and service management for thousands of sites across the country translates into savings of both time and costs for you. Improve the overall efficiency of your waste stream management program by ensuring proper pricing, appropriate service levels, and mitigating additional charges.

Additionally, our team of Zero Waste professionals is ready to support your environmental initiatives. From organizing waste audits to developing a comprehensive waste reduction plan, our experts can support your organization every step of the way.

Do you manage waste and recycling for your company? Request a demo of the Ecova Platform to learn how you can better manage waste generation activities as a part of your overall expense portfolio through the same, single, intuitive interface.


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Gain visibility into current service levels and identify opportunities for waste stream optimization.

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Reduce waste expenses by choosing the best waste haulers and right-sizing individual waste stream service levels.

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Implement Zero Waste initiatives to reduce the amount of material sent to landfill and minimize environmental impacts.