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Water Management

While energy costs typically outpace water costs, analysts predict significant water cost increases in coming years due to growing water shortages and continued infrastructure investments needed to maintain water and wastewater treatment facilities. In addition, water footprinting—a more advanced, spatiotemporal accounting of water withdrawals and qualitative assessment of wastewater discharge impacts—is beginning to gain traction.

Ecova’s Water Management solution assists you in managing water and wastewater bills, a foundational activity that then allows us to accurately report on your withdrawals and wastewater discharges. Building on this core of analytic data, Ecova’s facility auditors identify sites of abnormally high water usage and conduct water efficiency studies to determine capital investment and behavioral change opportunities for increasing water consumption efficiency.

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Understand water consumption—and spend—using aggregated billing information that provides actionable insight across your portfolio. Deepen into more comprehensive water footprinting as reporting standards continue to evolve.

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Identify opportunities to address high water usage and determine the opportunities for increasing water consumption efficiency.

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Understand water consumption and wastewater discharge impacts on critical watersheds, and be armed with a plan for mitigating those unintentional but real impacts.