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Telecom Lifecycle Management


Ecova brings a rich portfolio of technical success to the table when working to design and deploy an improved telecom network infrastructure, from choosing vendors to selecting equipment. We have the knowledge and experience to perform an authoritative evaluation of your telecom strategies and related risks, and to target solutions that will carry you into the future, even as technologies are undergoing rapid change.

Whether you need total project management, sophisticated network mapping and documentation, or some targeted technical advice, we can provide services to match your needs:

Traffic Engineering

Local services can amount to a significant portion of your budget, and business change drives
the need to reassess the number of lines and trunks required to deliver high quality service at lowest cost.

Voice Network Consulting

Ecova works with clients to ensure that their voice network can cost effectively keep up with the demands of the business by leveraging technology and regulatory changes. Ecova has the expertise to evaluate the best solutions for voice needs, from local services to complex
contact centers.

Data Network Consulting

Data networks are complex, and the underlying technologies are shifting rapidly. IP telephony is the future, but the wide range of IP options, each with their own risks and benefits, can be overwhelming. Ecova helps clients evaluate the options and ensure they select the best solution to meet their needs.

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