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Contracts do far more than identify the services to be purchased and the price to be paid, they govern the actions and responsibilities of all parties. With Ecova as your sourcing partner, market-leading price will assure you’ll pay less for services and best-practice language will place your company in the most advantageous position to adapt to future technology, market shifts and changes to your business. 

Obtaining a truly superior agreement takes market knowledge, process savvy, negotiation skills and more to insure you leave the table with the best possible results. We offer a range of services tailored to your specific needs:

Contract Evaluations

Our knowledge of vendor-specific contract gambits, critical protective clauses, market pricing and more will minimize the carrier's advantage and put you in the best position for telecom contract success.

Procurement & RFx Events

Beginning with a needs assessment and continuing through the entire procurement lifecycle, Ecova can construct and manage the sourcing process, whether as frontline lead or a behind the scenes advocate.

Negotiation & Support

It’s an unpleasant fact of life that carriers play to win in negotiations. Maybe your relationship with the carrier, either too cozy or at odds, will affect objectivity. Maybe there’s not enough company pressure to maximize your outcomes. Or maybe the specialized telecom negotiating expertise just isn’t there. No matter what the possible shortcomings, Ecova brings real value onto your team, tilting the playing field in your favor.

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Closely evaluate the language in all contracts that puts you in the best position for telecom contract success.

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With a sourcing partner, obtain market-leading prices that assure you’re paying less for the services your business requires.

see_iconSustain More

Understand and plan your company’s telecom demand, capacity and requirements to accurately meet the needs of your business.