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Wireless management is number one on the radar screen of many large companies, primarily due to rapidly increasing costs in this category and the escalating security concerns that come with today’s growing adoption of network-connected devices like smartphones and tablets. Our tools and services help you meet the challenges of both of those critical issues, while providing a management system to better control the expanding fleet of devices being carried in the hands of a wide range of employees.

Wireless costs now represent one of your largest telecom budget items. The good news is that savings on wireless services are both available and immediate, with real-world experience demonstrating reductions of 20 percent to 30 percent and more.

The Ecova Wireless TeleManagement solution addresses the three main operational needs of your wireless network:

Expense Management

We take care of processing invoices, maintaining inventories, managing your contracts, optimizing your spend and providing visibility into your mobile environment through sophisticated reporting.

Procurement & Enrollment

Capture and maintain accurate information on who owns what device, then take advantage of automated product catalog capability with approval routing and rules-driven selections to reduce the hassles of keeping appropriate devices in the hands of your employees.

Help Desk

Make our team your front line resource to resolve performance issues, service cancellations, lost/broken devices and more.

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Have greater visibility into your wireless inventory and contracts to optimize your wireless spend.

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Gain control of increasing wireless costs through proper contract management and automated procurement process.

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Understand and plan your company’s wireless demand, capacity and requirements to accurately meet the needs of your business.