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Telecom Lifecycle Management


Among the most critical areas for most businesses is managing the wireline network—the combination of voice and data components that serve as the backbone for internal and external communications.

The Ecova Wireline TeleManagement solution unites the three key functions that must work in harmony for a wireline network to operate at peak performance. Combining these three functions creates efficiencies which drive out costs and improve performance:

Expense Management

The classic transactional elements of processing invoices, validating charges and maintaining inventories, plus our contract management module and key optimization analytics to identify unnecessary spending and drive savings.

Service Order Management

Online portal and tools to receive client orders for service changes, coupled with managing these orders to completion. Our tight processes and competent teams can deliver accurate, efficient service change management with your vendors, freeing you up for more important duties.

Help Desk

Online portal and toll-free phone support to receive outage and performance issues from throughout the business and resolve them.

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Leverage Ecova’s payments and analytics processes to validate all wireline charges and maintain line inventories.

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Reduce overall wireline expenses with superior management and analysis of invoices and charges.

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Understand and plan your company’s telecom demand, capacity and requirements to accurately meet the needs of your business.