Expense & Data Management

Commercial & Industrial

Expense & Data Management

Combining our cutting-edge technology, proprietary data warehouse and unmatched regional and national expertise, Ecova's Utility Expense & Data Management offerings help you aggregate your utility bill processing and analysis, utility site service management, and budget and accruals across your entire enterprise, so you can reduce costs, improve on-time payments, and manage risk.

Utility Bill Processing & Analysis

Ecova enters invoice data while analyzing invoices compared to the account history to identify possible savings opportunities. This highly automated process gives our clients one comprehensive invoice for payment as well as invaluable insight into the efficiency of all their facilities, which is delivered through our robust reporting tool. Learn more…

Site Service Management

Ecova handles the time-consuming task of site-by-site utility account opening and closing while ensuring your savings are maximized by being on the correct rate schedule and negotiating deposits. You’ll have the peace of mind that the tasks are being handled correctly and efficiently. Learn more…

Budgets & Accruals

Simplify the process of developing and justifying your monthly and annual utility financial information. Ecova provides our clients with a highly customized approach to their budgets and accruals, so they can focus on proactively driving cost savings and facility efficiencies while managing energy and sustainability goals. Learn more…