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Setting up or closing out utility services for companies with dynamic site counts can be a time-consuming task for resource-constrained companies. Are you starting out with the right rate schedule for the size of your business? Were all deposits or refunds credited? Are you sure the site you closed is no longer being billed?

Ecova’s Site Service Management solution allows you to outsource the time-consuming task of working with utilities to open or close accounts, gather inventories of deposits, and request deposit waivers. We open new accounts by personally contacting each utility after meters have been set to begin service while at the same time ensuring that only the appropriate services are established and negotiating to waive or lower opening deposits. Once the accounts are open, our Utility Bill Processing and Analysis solution will continue to keep a watchful eye to ensure the accounts stay on the correct rate schedules. If needed, Ecova can also transfer ownership of utility accounts from one company to another. When it’s time to close accounts, Ecova personally contacts each utility to end service while ensuring that all deposits are credited or refunded and that all account credits are returned to you.

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Regular monitoring of utility accounts ensures your accounts are always on the correct rate schedules.

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Ensure that accounts are properly opened and closed and all refunds and deposits accounted for.

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Drive lasting savings for your business by identifying available credits across your portfolio.

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