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Using the Ecova Technology Programs solution, you can target specific technologies within your service area for efficiency improvement programs. Working with a network of manufacturers, distributors and installers, Ecova helps you implement technology-focused programs that target pool pumps, compressed air and lighting technologies to improve resource utilization and lighting efficiency.

When you partner with Ecova, you can identify and implement programs to replace or re-commission inefficient older technologies—either packaged into specific industry segment solutions or offered as standalone programs—resulting in measurable kWh savings. In addition, Ecova is one of the thought leaders on real-time building systems, net-zero energy homes and smart grid applications that result in measurable kWh savings.

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Our Technology Programs solutions will help you:

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Gain insight into how directed technology programs can impact your customers' energy savings territory-wide.

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Improve customer participation and create a long-term impact for energy savings throughout your territory.

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Reduce inefficiencies of major technologies and improve the sustainability of your customer base.