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Ecova’s SMB (small- to medium-sized business) and National Accounts programs provide a cost-effective approach to capturing savings from customers with historically low rates of participation in utility programs. Our programs aim higher than the quick touch of a direct install program. They drive sustained customer interest in improving their energy performance because it is better for their bottom line, with our utility clients as their trusted partner.

Ecova identifies energy savings with a sophisticated customer and contractor outreach strategy that includes customized energy reports with rapid ROI analysis for suggested energy improvements, specialized training and one-on-one assistance. The Building Analytics module on the Ecova Efficiency platform analyzes customer specific data and compares it to industry and peer benchmarks and provides customized energy plans for every site. This approach not only helps identify where to focus resources amidst the many thousands of eligible sites, but also provides the targeted field support and ongoing personal communication required to mobilize projects, maximize incentives, and encourage retrofits that go beyond standard lighting replacements.

Additionally, the Ecova Efficiency Platform is informed by data shared by Ecova’s network of national accounts, allowing customers to see their site—or sites—benchmarked against a current, credible standard of energy efficiency specific to their vertical.

To effectively engage national accounts, Ecova draws on the relationships cultivated by our Facility Solutions Team, which manages energy expenses and data for more than 700,000 businesses nationwide. Ecova uses its national accounts relationships, expertise, and data to rapidly scale programs and drive market innovation.

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Our SMB & National Accounts Programs Solution
will help you:

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Improve your program targeting by identifying the best opportunities for savings within buildings and the companies most likely to invest.

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Increase savings from previously unidentified savings and through proactive engagement.

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Proactively target companies throughout your territory to engage them in energy reduction programs and reduce the overall environmental impact.