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Ecova successfully manages direct install single and multifamily home programs, but what sets our programs apart is what happens after the install.

The direct install and energy audit component of our Home Energy Improvement solution is more than just one visit to log savings. In single family homes, trained installation teams work with the homeowner during the visit to install efficiency measures and then conduct an energy audit of the home using a handheld computer. The audit data is downloaded and populated into an easy to understand report and recommendations for further action. For multifamily properties, we engage the owners to arrange for direct installs in tenant units – which bring immediate and verifiable savings – and conduct audits to uncover savings opportunities in common areas.

Visits are followed up with personalized, proactive recommendations tied to current efficiency programs and incentives. This personal interaction positions you as a trusted advisor and begins a more robust dialogue with your customers about energy management.

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Our Direct Install & Energy Audits solution helps you:

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Leverage the data collected during home visits to provide a deeper understanding of how energy is being used in the home, which benefits both the utility and the customer.

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Reduce energy use across your territories to improve the longevity of production and transmission facilities, lower capital expenditures, and increase ROI.

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Build a lasting advantage across your service area by influencing and educating customers about energy consumption reduction and efficiency improvement.