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Plug load is the fastest growing source of household and office energy use driven by consumer electronics, so promoting qualified energy efficient electronics—from televisions to computers to smarter power strips—represents a significant opportunity to influence energy savings.

Ecova's Consumer Electronics Program enables you to establish mid-stream incentives while educating customers so that energy efficiency is a strong consideration in purchasing decisions. By promoting ENERGY STAR® qualified consumer electronics at the point-of-purchase, you can help influence energy savings across your service area.

With our trusted network of small and large retailers, Ecova works with you to create a successful consumer electronics program. Our long-term relationships with manufacturers and retailers enables you to optimize your program spend and achieve significant, measurable results. Plus, the Ecova field marketing team works with retailers to train store staff to educate customers on the advantages of energy-efficient electronics and to implement recycling programs for old electronics that result in the removal of old inefficient products from the grid and ensure the proper disposal of materials.

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Our Consumer Electronics program solution will
help you:

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Gain visibility into program effectiveness and success across your territories with comprehensive reporting and analysis of sales data.

see_iconSave More

Reduce energy use across your territories to improve the longevity of production and transmission facilities, lower capital expenditures, and increase ROI.

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Build a lasting advantage across your service area by influencing and educating customers about energy consumption reduction and efficiency improvement.