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The Ecova Lighting Program solution helps you meet energy savings goals—and more—through incentive programs that promote energy-efficient lighting products through our established retail channels. With the Ecova full-service solution, you gain a partner who stands by you from initial program planning and negotiating with manufacturers and retailers through in-store marketing, point of purchase advertising and ongoing field outreach and events.

Over the past 15 years, Ecova has developed a trusted network of large and small retailers to participate in lighting efficiency programs. As the leaders in research and program design, we know how to navigate new lighting standards such as Energy Independence & Security Act of 2007 (EISA) and new technologies to create a robust, cost-effective product mix. Ecova provides full-service delivery, from overall implementation plans through monthly data collection, reporting on key performance indicators and incentive processing. Program branding, in-store marketing, retail and community outreach events, and retail staff training helps ensure that our programs exceed your expectations.

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Our Lighting Program will help you:

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Gain visibility into program effectiveness and success across your territory with comprehensive reporting and sales data.

see_iconSave More

Reduce energy use across your territories to improve the longevity of production and transmission facilities, lower capital expenditures, and increase ROI.

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Build a lasting advantage across your service area by influencing and educating customers about energy consumption reduction and efficiency improvement.