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Digital Engagement Solution

Ecova’s Digital Engagement solution enables utilities and energy retailers to deepen their business customer relationships, increase customer satisfaction and boost adoption of programs and products. Built on the Retroficiency Analytics Platform, our Digital Engagement solution has been proven to identify customers with 2x greater energy savings opportunity and increase customer engagement by 4x. Ecova’s Digital Engagement solution empowers energy providers to provide all their business customers, both big and small, with the digital experience they demand and deserve.

The Digital Engagement solution includes three software applications:

1. Customer Portal

The portal engages businesses with easy-to-understand, customer-specific insights about how they are using energy and recommendations to improve, channeled through a clean user experience designed to inform and motivate action. The user-friendly, utility-branded portal includes accurate savings estimates, energy usage breakdowns, action plans, bill and consumption trends, and unique recommendations.

Digital Engagement Platform Energy Usage Breakdown

2. Marketing Campaigns

Ecova’s marketing services help utilities deliver the right message to the right customer, at the right time. Multi-channel initiatives strategically target and engage customers based on their energy savings opportunities, business characteristics and propensity to act. Our award-winning marketing services can also be deployed to execute advanced marketing automation campaigns.

3. Marketplace

Ecova’s online marketplace connects utility customers interested in energy projects to qualified contractors, streamlining transactions and lowering costs. The marketplace portal allows utilities to facilitate the full energy management lifecycle, providing a gateway to introduce new products and revenue streams and take charge of the new energy future.


  • Increase business customer program and product uptake by 4x or more
  • Focus resources on customers with 2x more potential with advanced industry leading portfolio-wide targeting and segmentation capabilities
  • Enhance engagement with better user experiences, data-driven insights and actionable information
  • Position your organization to animate the energy management market and open new revenue streams and business models

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