Utility Program Solutions

Utilities across the country are balancing customers' growing energy needs with demand side management (DSM) programs as a resource to reduce energy consumption and peak demand.

Ecova assists utilities in creating impactful residential and commercial & industrial programs that increase customer satisfaction while providing you with verifiable savings that allow you to meet your goals and manage regulatory, reputational and operational risks. Our programs can be easily integrated together for cost savings and additional value. Through the following programs, you will see moresave more and sustain more.

Commercial & Industrial Programs

Unleash the untapped potential of targeted industry segments in your service area with cost-effective and persistent energy savings programs.

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Home Energy Improvement Programs

Foster lifelong relationships with your customers and increase the effectiveness of residential energy savings program.

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Retail Channel Programs

Partner with top retailers throughout the country to deliver energy savings to your customers with a variety of cost-effective products.

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Digital Engagement Solution

Deepen utility’s customer relationships, increase customer satisfaction and boost adoption of programs and products.

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