Reducing Energy Consumption in the Retail Sector

Dan Olson

A deeper dive into Ecova’s recent Big Data whitepaper reveals that Ecova’s retail clients reduced their electricity consumption by 2,300,000,000 kWh between Q1 2009 and Q3 2011. Sound like a big number? Well, it is. This amount of conservation is equivalent to the carbon emissions from 3.7M barrels of oil and is enough electricity to power just shy of 200,000 US homes for one year.i

To put this number in a global perspective – consider the following chart.


Per capita electricity consumption varies dramatically across the globe. Whereas 2.3B kWh of electricity would satiate the annual electricity needs of 178,101 Americans, it would go far enough to electrify the lives of 4.0M people living in India.

What are companies doing to keep electric consumption down as retail sales surge in 2012 and beyond? Join Ecova at booth 421 at this week’s PRSM 2012 conference in Anaheim, CA, to learn more about what leading companies are doing to manage their total energy and sustainability impacts.

ii The World Bank “Electric Power Consumption (kWh per capita).” Viewed on 4/17/12.

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