Guidelines for Eliminating Wasteful Telecom Spend

Leo Berz

We’re still staring down a tough economic environment which continues to cause budget restraints for many businesses, while new technology and business demands have been growing exponentially. Add these factors to the increase in mergers and acquisitions, as well as regulatory changes, and it becomes clear that it’s time for a telecommunications audit.

Follow these guidelines to identify unused or unnecessary telecom services to help control your telecommunications spend and leverage opportunities:


It’s difficult to identify areas of opportunities if you don’t know what you have. Maintain a detailed inventory of all telecom services to validate invoice charges. Managing from telecom billing data alone will not provide the granularity needed to succeed; building inventories down to the individual Universal Service Order Code (USOC) from Customer Service Records (CSRs) is the only way to determine exactly what services you have and where they are located.


As business needs and technology change, so do the needs for lines and trunks. Conduct a telecom line inventory at least once every couple of years to determine if you are paying for something you don’t need or just aren’t using anymore (e.g. analog lines). When the use of modems for access or back up services migrates to Internet Protocol (IP) based services, lines can be abandoned or reused for non-approved applications.


Implementing a centralized system for ordering across your organization will ensure standards are met and inventory gets updated. The same is true for payment processing to ensure that invoice charges are correct and are paid on time to prevent potential service interruptions.


Review your primary trunk groups on an annualized basis. We’re relying more on other forms of communications, such as email, instant messaging, and mobile devices while in the office, so it’s important to monitor your traffic volume to ensure you are not paying for more trunks than you need.


Allocate costs as far down the organization as possible to ensure charges are assessed to the budget owner to help identify additional opportunities for savings.

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