Stop Water Savings from Running Down the Drain

Jeremy Handler

Are rising water costs putting your company at risk? In 2015, water accounted for approximately 11% of annual utility costs—up from 8.5% in 2008. To proactively address this trend, businesses are in search of impactful solutions for using and reusing water across sites. Ecova’s July 28th webinar, On-Site Water Recycling Solutions for Commercial Facilities, will explore innovative strategies for your company to cut back on water use to keep your annual budget healthy.

We’ll discuss available technologies and challenges associated with on-site water recycling—as well as how best to identify on-site water recycling opportunities.

Whether you’re just beginning to address the challenges of water usage or have already implemented low-cost water conservation and efficiency projects, Ecova’s webinar will provide you with answers to the questions “What’s next?” and “How can we get more from our water?”

Register here to reserve your spot and learn how innovative water recycling can help your business.

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