From Complexity to Clarity: Better Insight into Complex Payable Management

Patrick Jones

For most businesses, comprehensive management of complex payables such as energy, telecom, waste and water across multi-site portfolio proves costly and challenging. With these complex payables averaging an error rate between 6-12%, it’s clear that there are immense savings opportunities hiding within these bills. Gaining a strong understanding of complex payables can help you identify potential savings, inform a defendable budget, and improve your forecasting accuracy.

The December 14th webinar, There’s Gold in Your Complex Payables, will be co-presented by Ecova and the Association of Accountants and Financial Professionals. It will equip you with the tools and insight you need to demystify complex invoices and drive savings across your organization. You’ll also learn about recent technological advances that make auditing and processing these payables more manageable.

Click here to reserve your spot and learn how a better understanding of complex payables can benefit your bottom line.



  • Benjamin Peters

    can you provide the link to review this webinar?

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