Boost Your Resource and Energy Benchmarking

Sheila Johnston

Benchmarking has become a popular buzzword, with more and more companies viewing benchmarking as the key to better resource management—yet it remains a somewhat nebulous concept. So what exactly is benchmarking? And, more importantly, what elements need to be in place for benchmarking efforts to have a real impact?

Ecova’s upcoming February 16th webinar, Boost Your Resource and Energy Benchmarking, seeks to answer these questions while connecting you to the tools and resources you need to integrate benchmarking services effectively. The webinar explores how benchmarking—described as the ongoing review of a building’s energy performance in comparison to its past performance, the performance of other sites in a portfolio, and/or its peers’ performance—can drive smarter resource management and increase operational efficiency. Ecova’s expert will guide you through the core components of effective benchmarking, from clarifying the problem you hope to solve to ensuring data access and integrity to strategies for translating this insight into action.

Whether you’re a seasoned benchmarking professional or just beginning to explore its potential, this webinar will equip you with the information you need to reap the full benefits of this emerging field.

Click here to register for the webinar and find out how benchmarking best practices can position your business for success.

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