Case Study: APS Lighting Program Re-Brand

Arizona Public Service, Arizona’s largest and oldest electricity utility, has worked with Ecova to implement its residential lighting program since 2005. As the program has grown, so have energy-efficient bulb options on stores shelves. Its brand has also evolved, from educating early adopters, to partnering with pro basketball player Steve Nash, to helping customers explore the nuances of bulb style and color. As APS awaited approval to expand its technology selection to include LEDs in addition to CFLs, the utility also wanted to rebrand the program and proactively educate consumers on their wide range of choices.



The dilemma was clear. During educational and retail events, field representatives were answering questions about CFLs but also responding to more and more questions about the new technologies on the block: more efficient incandescent bulbs and LEDs. Customers were also confused about new federal bulb regulations and the “banning” of incandescent bulbs. APS had to weigh its desire to provide customers with clear, simple information to make informed choices about new lighting options while taking care not to erode savings from incentivized CFLs. The new brand also had to be flexible enough to accommodate LEDs when they were approved to include in program promotions.


Ecova proposed rebranding the program to “Switch to Save.” Overall this concept assured the customer that saving energy is simple – just switch your incandescent bulbs to something more energy efficient and save energy. As to what that “something” was, the new brand used color and up-close photos of CFLs, LEDs and halogen incandescent bulbs to clearly show that the customer had several choices for lighting – and that it was an easy switch. We also made sure that CFLs were called out as being discounted by APS with a small icon that could later be added to the LED images as well when they were incorporated into the program. To differentiate the technologies in store aisles, POP had blue highlights for CFLs and later, green highlights for LEDs so customers could easily differentiate which technology they were learning about.

As choices became more complex, education needed to become even simpler. Ecova and APS worked together to design small flyers that expanded more on the technical details of lumens and Kelvin and how to use them to choose the right bulb. The information was clearly organized and – together with a program brochure and POP – proved a useful reference in the lighting aisle. The retailer locator, hosted at, also received a facelift with updated graphics and information.

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img_aps_sas_collateral_bulbs_940x308 img_aps_sas_wheel img_aps_sas_pens_shelftalker_940x306




The new brand was clean, eye-catching and grew with the addition of LEDs to the program lineup. Information was clearly presented and customers no longer felt as though they were being “forced” into energy-efficient bulbs, but that the choice to adopt the technology of their choice was theirs. APS provided the information and the customer decided what to do with it, with incentives and long-term energy savings as great motivators to Switch to Save.