Case Study: Calistoga Beverage Company

A Triple Win with Huge Energy Savings

Energy savings are found in many ways. One of the easiest ways to create new energy is to simply conserve what is already available.

When Calistoga Beverage Company started in business, like most industrial facilities, they assumed that the energy costs were simply a product of doing business. The thought of receiving nearly $100,000 as an incentive to improve the efficiency of their bottling plant was unheard of. But when Ecova and Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) sponsored the Ecova Air Compressed Air Energy Efficiency Solutions Program, that incentive became a reality.

Calistoga Beverage Company replaced an inefficient 300 HP centrifugal compressor with a new 200 HP variable speed controlled air compressor.

Calistoga Beverage Company implemented an energy efficiency project to replace their existing 300 hp Ingersol Rand centrifugal compressor, operating with inlet throttling and bypass control, with a new Ingersol Rand 200 hp variable speed controlled air compressor to improve the overall efficiency of their complete compressed air system. Ecova Air works on a brand neutral premise and collaborated with the local Ingersol Rand team to install the equipment.

Ecova Air is primarily concerned with delivering energy savings through compressed air systems and was paid on performance through PG&E. Because Calistoga was only paying for the cost of the improvements, and Ecova Air was offering to pay up to 70 percent of the cost with a generous $0.10 per kWh incentive,

Calistoga saw the quick ROI and the nearly $100,000 in incentive as half of the value.

The other half came in training for their employees on how to maintain the savings and look for new opportunities, not to mention the huge $176,000 energy bill savings that went straight to their bottom line – that’s 1,320,088 kWh in energy savings that PG&E could now sell to other customers in an energy-hungry state. Ecova won by implementing a smooth process that delivered great results. But most of all, Calistoga Beverage Company wins on many levels and they get to keep the energy savings year after year.



Energy Savings: 1,320,088 kWh

Energy Cost Savings: $176,000 per year

Incentives: $0.10/kWh, or $100,000

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