Utility Case Study: PECO Mobile Lighting Apps

After almost a century of Edison’s light bulb being the “go-to” for residential lighting, manufacturers are leveraging new technology to create bright, longlasting and energy-efficient bulbs. However, more choices can ultimately lead to more confusion and indecision in the light bulb aisle. PECO collaborated with Ecova Marketing & Creative Services to launch specialized bulb and fixture information that field staff could use to educate customers on PECO’s Smart Lighting Discounts residential lighting program.



Lighting apps weren’t a novel idea when Ecova undertook this project, but most existing apps placed more emphasis on purchasing rather than educating. Program field staff had been using a variety of print materials to educate customers at retailers and events, which did not allow for easily updating facts and information. Paper handouts also did not account for the different levels of bulb knowledge that each customer had. The team agreed that an interactive app could be fine-tuned to demonstrate all the features of light bulbs and fixtures, be adaptable to customer needs, and include new information when needed. It would bring together all of the information from various pieces to be comprehensive without being overwhelming.


Developing an app was a new undertaking for the design and content teams who were excited for the challenge. Leveraging Apple’s large gallery of resources and best practices, we developed a touchpad interface for two apps. The first demonstrated the varieties of color and warmth of bulbs with different fixture options in living, dining, kitchen, and bathroom settings. In the second, Kelvin and Lumen charts were used to help walk users through using the bulb labels to select the right option for their needs.

  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Application design and development
  • User experience/customer engagement
  • Project management
img_peco_apps_ipad img_peco_apps_results


Because PECO and Ecova saw opportunity in a niche waiting to be filled, they’ve been able to improve customer engagement while delivering informative content. The apps received a positive reaction from both field staff and customers. Staff members report it is simpler to explain features and benefits to customers, who seem to enjoy the interactive functions.

The doors are now open to endless possibilities of adding new app functions, including surveys and games. Eventually, PECO hopes to have stand-alone iPads® as well that could act as informational guides in stores when field coordinators can’t be present.