Case Study: Residential Pool Pumps Program

When Ecova was selected to implement a pool pump program for a Colorado utility, Marketing & Creative Services was also tapped to brand the program and communicate with pool retailers and pool owners about the features and benefits of variable-speed pool pumps.



We worked closely with the utility’s in-house Marketing department to ensure that the program branding stood out as something new while also adhering to their carefully crafted and established brand guidelines. The content and design was complimentary to their brand while invoking the desired message: variable-speed pool pumps will make caring for your pool easier while saving energy and money – all converging in a more relaxing summer. The team presented three look-and-feel options; once a concept was selected, all pieces were created to maintain cohesion within the program and remain complementary to the utility’s brand.


To craft the message, we performed a simple customer persona exercise to identify our target end user and focused on a message of reliability, energy savings and cost savings. We also crafted messages to pool retailers and technicians to train them on the features and benefits of energy-efficient pumps. This step was important as these partners were the “face” of the program and were essential in connecting their customers to the utility discount. Throughout the course of the program we communicated with pool owners and pool partners via e-blasts, direct mail, retail POP, brochures, website content, social media and a program video.

  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Social media
  • Direct mail
  • Video writing/storyboarding
  • Project management
  • Project coordination
  • Contest administration
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The partner and customer engagement proved successful and 19 partners – all of whom were small, independent businesses – quickly signed on to the program to help provide rebates for variable-speed pool pumps. For the first time, local pool owners learned about the impact of their single-speed pool pumps on their home energy use and took steps to contact their pool retailer to find out if a pump upgrade would be cost-effective. Most importantly, the program positioned the utility as a proactive partner in helping their customers save energy, helping local businesses increase sales, and caring for the local environment.