Paper: Strategic Energy Management

A Framework Approach

In an ideal world, all companies would incorporate energy management as a way of doing business. Some pioneering organizations are beginning to do just that and are at the forefront of strategic energy management (SEM) programs. This presentation describes an SEM model, highlights our experiences working with clients on implementing it, and provides lessons learned from enrolling and supporting customers in a strategic management approach. Utilities will understand elements to consider when designing and implementing successful strategic energy management programs in their portfolio.

Over the last two years, Ecova has developed an energy and sustainability model consistent with the ISO 50001 standard endorsed by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). The model consists of five critical elements—data, people, infrastructure, marketing and reporting, and continual improvement—that are orchestrated for holistic strategic energy management. Two nationally-recognized retail organizations will be used as case studies to illuminate how utilities can successfully approach and implement SEM programs for commercial and industrial customers.

This paper discusses the corporate drivers for energy management and how they can be leveraged for energy savings. The five critical SEM elements will be further broken down into 21 best practices, ranked in terms of indispensable program requirements, ease of adoption and implementation, and contribution to driving energy savings. Finally, it will outline the opportunities and challenges of a full SEM approach as well as possible selective and phased options. Attendees will come away with tangible insights to inform utility-sponsored SEM programs.

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