Video: How to Gain SEM Buy-In: Making Customers Aware Of the Value Proposition Webinar

View our educational webinar for utilities where we share real-world successes that will help you communicate the value of SEM to your customers in a way that makes sense and results in their desire to implement SEM. NEEA will share their findings of SEM implementation by answering the following questions:

• How did you start working with end-users?
• How would you engage a variety of people, such as engineers, mid-level managers?
• How did you engage Executive-level team members
• What advice would you give other utilities?

This webinar is a must-view if you’ve decided that offering a Strategic Energy Management (SEM) program is right for your customers or if you are offering such a program and you’re already out there talking with your customers about SEM. Engaging your customers in fruitful discussions about SEM and making them aware of its value proposition can be challenging, but it’s worth your effort.