Whitepaper: Addressing the Greatest Energy-Saving Opportunity – Building Energy Efficiency

The Building Genome Project is our effort to gain a deeper understanding of how buildings consume energy and the energy efficiency opportunities they present, in cities throughout the United States. savings_map

Like the human genome, the building genome is a detailed mapping of hundreds of distinct markers, composed of a variety of equipment and operational characteristics, that influence how a building functions.

The project combines publicly available building data with advanced analytics to create each building’s genome. These genomes are used to develop energy models, which estimate how each building consumes energy and determine how each could save energy.


For the first project, Retroficiency mapped the genomes of more than 30,000 commercial buildings in New York City and ran three energy-saving scenarios to demonstrate their impact on the portfolio. View the Building Genome Project/New York City infographic for the results.

Download a complimentary copy of the “Addressing the Greatest Energy-Saving Opportunity: Building Energy Efficiency” whitepaper.

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