Utility Whitepaper: New Jersey Partners with DIRECTV and Ecova on In-Home Deployment of Advanced Power Strips

Tapping Into the Power of the Service Provider

Learn how New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program (NJCEP) partnered with satellite cable service provider, DIRECTV, to implement the first of its kind pilot program for in-home deployment of advanced power strips (APSs). This pilot provided better visibility into the impact of plug loads associated with New Jersey home entertainment systems and the effectiveness of this unique direct install approach.

Deploying a program of this degree has involved an ongoing, multi-year collaboration with service providers to encourage greater adoption of ENERGY STAR® set top box (STB) deployments while also exploring new efficiency opportunities for consumer home electronics. There has been an ongoing need to better understand the savings potential and customer acceptance of devices such as advanced power strips with proper installation. The unique relationship developed with DIRECTV provided an opening to collaborate on a progressive direct install pilot program. Through data collected by DIRECTV service technicians during APS installations, this pilot shed light on a variety of valuable data points including product installation time, ease of installation by the technician, customer acceptance of the product, and types of home entertainment center products plugged into these devices. AESP attendees will learn about the value of obtaining in home customer data and the impact it could have on related consumer electronics programs in the future. The results presented in this paper will provide valuable insights on the findings from the pilot and lessons learned from the strong partnerships established with the service provider. This collaboration enhanced the unique relationship with DIRECTV, and keeps the door open for more in depth efforts within and outside of New Jersey.

This paper will provide pilot program highlights related to this unique approach for in home product deployment and identifying new savings opportunities. AESP attendees will gather the insight needed to examine the potential of including this type of strategy in their program portfolios.

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