Whitepaper: Lighting Planning Survey Results & Program Recommendations

Insights Directly from Utility Customers on Light Bulb Feature Preference and Price Sensitivity

Utility lighting programs have been promoting general purpose compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) for nearly two decades, and these programs have been tremendously successful at achieving cost-effective energy savings. However, as federal lighting standards come into effect and general purpose CFLs approach market saturation, further promotional efforts may be hampered by free ridership and diminishing returns in some utility territories. Fortunately, high efficiency 2X halogens and LED light bulbs are hitting the market, and utility programs will play a large role in spurring adoption of these new technologies. In order to continue to achieve cost-effective energy savings, however, programs will need to carefully select the products and incentive levels that coincide with their customers’ lighting preferences.

This report provides a high-level summary of findings from the three ASEMAP surveys. Through identification of what matters most to utility customers when purchasing residential lighting, Ecova can work with utilities to tailor lighting program rebates to best match the needs of their customers.

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